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Flavored Milk Tea Favorites

Milk tea doesn’t just have to be taken plain.

It can also be infused with soothing herbs, roots, and flower essences for a tasty and healthful treat.

A few of the world’s favorite flavored milk teas include rose milk tea, taro milk tea, and coconut milk tea, just to name a few.

Roses are fragrant, aesthetically beautiful, and romantic, but who would’ve thought rose-infused milk tea would make such a delicious treat? Rose essence, slightly sweet and floral, gives milk tea an aromatic boost. Additionally, as it’s soothing to the throat and positively influences digestion and circulation, rose essence certainly has its benefits for the body.

Taro, root of the taro plant, is grown in sub-tropical and tropical climates. In Taiwan, taro root is often eaten in noodle dishes or as a dessert topper, while in other parts of the world, it may be prepared in curries or with lentils. Often compared to the potato, taro actually has about three times the dietary fiber of a potato, while also being an excellent source of potassium. In milk tea, taro gives the drink a vanilla-like hint while coloring the drink a popping purple, making it both a yummy and pretty milk tea combination.

For an even more exotic option, coconut milk tea is another favorite. Coconut, rich in fiber, minerals, and nutrients, has been lauded for its many health-enriching properties, appearing in body butters, hair-strengthening shampoos, cooking oils, and other household beauty and cooking products more and more of late. With milk tea, coconut not only gives the beverage an additional health element, but its creamy, tropical accents make the milk tea drinking experience a little less British and a little more Balinese.

Whether craving a more traditional milk tea or one of these unique flavored creations, Tea Station has a rich and special milk tea option for you.

Written by Stephanie Karlik